Dear Batumi Duty Free Family;

We are now online with tempting tobacco stock’s available at our regional locations! We opened new Regional locations to provide you with better service and increase our product range👍.
Enjoy the variety of our new stocks of the Regional locations🥳.

BDF Indonesia 🍂–> We are very happy to offer you world-known cigarettes (regular & flavored).
BDF Malaysia 🍂–> It will be opened soon.
BDF Georgia 🍂–> It will be opened soon.
BDF Armenia 🍂–> It will be opened soon.
BDF Uzbekistan 🍂–> It will be opened soon.
BDF Russia 🍂–> It will be opened soon.

As you know that is our GLOBAL brand and you can find all brands and can place an order BUT there are some of products which shows “AVAILABLE IN REGIONAL SITE” it means that you can buy it from Regional websites. You can click to “Click to Buy” button and you will be redirect to regional website and you can place your order easily.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Each website has different sort of products and work independently from each other. So you cannot buy products in different locations as a single order in same site.

Each regional location has different products so you can choose the product you are interested in from regional websites.

If you want to check all regional and global products (full list) in a same page you can use our global site BDF Global you will see that some products have an option as “AVAILABLE IN REGIONAL SITE”. So, if you interest you can click to “CLICK TO BUY” button and then you will redirect to regional website which you can select it and place your order easily.

If you can not login to Regional websites with your account, please click to “Forgot Password”. If you receive an error as “ERROR: A user could not be found with this email address.” please create an account in Regional website. Because each website works independently of each other.

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